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Dock 10
Dock 10 is a floating dock located in the heart of Hamburg, opposite  ...more
National Museum of Qatar
A new National Museum was constructed in the city of Doha  ...more
The Lakhta Centre
The highest building in Europe is an 87-story skyscraper built in   ...more
HC34 (HafenCity)
This 7- and 8-storey perimeter block project is part of   ...more
Project Milestone reached
On Saturday, 11th September 2020, the new rail station "Staatsgalerie" was opened  ...more
Welcome, Werner Sobek Wien
As of 01 September 2020 Werner Sobek also has a bureau in the Austrian capital.  ...more
Engineering Made in Germany
We are pleased to be represented in this year's special edition of the book series "Ingenieurbaukunst".  ...more
For a responsible Future
Prof. Dr. Werner Sobek is the guest in the current episode of the podcast "Zukunftsaussichten"  ...more
Future spaces for living
Urbanization is proceeding rapidly worldwide. By 2050, two out of three people will live in cities.  ...more
Finalist DAM Prize for Architecture
adidas Arena in Herzogenaurach has been shortlisted for the DAM Prize for Architecture in Germany  ...more
Climate-adapted building
The built environment faces ever increasing demands in times of climate change  ...more
Mixed Reality Solutions
The research project DigitalTWIN develops concepts for improving quality processes   ...more
Konstrukteur Tragwerksplanung (m/w/d)
Erstellen von Schal- und Bewehrungsplänen   ...more
Ingenieur Tragwerksplanung (m/w)
Ingenieurtechnische Umsetzung architektonischer Vorgaben von anspruchsvollen Bauvorhaben  ...more
Fassadenplaner mit Ausschreibungskenntnissen (m/w/d)
Projektbetreuung vom Entwurf bis zur Ausführungsplanung  ...more